Silo, Krk, Croatia  
Silo, Krk, Croatia

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Otok Krk

Otok ('Island') Krk is Croatia's largest island. It sits in the northern waters of the Adriatic Sea, just a five minute trip by boat from the mainland. Krk is also joined to the mainland by a bridge to the island's northeast. To put the island's location in perspective, it is two hours from the capital Zagreb, 3 hrs by boat from Venice, and about 6 hrs overland to Budapest. The famous walled city of Dubrovnik lies 6 hrs to the south.

Krk has a rich history and is the home of the nation's oldest language, carved in the famous Baska tablet almost one thousand years ago. Away from the main tourist route, it's easy to find quiet places to relax and experience some local culture. Head to the cellars in Vrbnik where the smoked ham hangs from 500 year old beams and sljivovica (prune liquer) accompanies each plate. If you want to dance, Crkvenica and Krk Town have a selection of clubs and bars to keep you up 'til sunrise!

If there is one thing the Croatians do well, it's relax! Šilo is a small town overweight in tiny restaurants, cafes and bars ringing a small harbour. The water temperature is generally around the mid-20s so most people are in and out from sunrise 'til sunset. Life slows down the moment you hop off the boat.

For those who like SCUBA diving, Croatia has some of the best wrecks and coral walls in the world.

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The Croatian currency is the Kuna. Go to CoinMill for conversion rates.