Silo, Krk, Croatia  
Silo, Krk, Croatia

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Getting to and from Šilo, Island Krk and Croatia

By air
There are a number of discount airlines flying from European cities to Zagreb and Rijeka airport on the island (just 30 minutes from Šilo by taxi). You can book flights over the internet and they are often very cheap. Germanwings flies to Zagreb from German capitals. Tuifly and Easyjet fly to Rijeka airport from Germany and London respectively.

Another option is flying to Ancona in Italy, getting a ferry across to the Croatian port of Zadar and then a bus up to Krk. You can also fly into Venice and either get a boat to the Croatian port of Rijeka (which is just 20 minutes from the island) or a bus overland via Trieste. Check these airlines out: ,,,, Also the Zagreb and Rijeka airport websites list airlines flying in and out. They both list car rental companies and you can book online.

Overland by train
Trains come into Zagreb main station from Vienna, Budapest, Ljubljana (capital of Slovenia) and Belgrade. You can come from any other Western European city via these stations. One thing to remember is that tickets bought in Zagreb for trains elsewhere are cheaper than bought outside of Croatia - sometimes half the price!

Overland by bus
The Eurolines bus company ferries people in from right across Western Europe. Croatia has a good quality, extensive and very reasonably priced bus network. Buses ply the coastline on brand new roads recently constructed to make the most of the tourist boom. You can get on and off at will and, if you plan heading off for a tour after The Big Day, you'll find at each stop people with apartments to fill come up, ready to bargain!

We reckon the nicest thing about arriving by bus is pulling into the coastal town of Crkvenica and getting a speedboat across to Šilo. The speedboat only takes 5 minutes and costs between $5/3€ and $10/6€ depending on the mood of the driver...!

Overland by car
If you have a car you're laughing mate! The trip from southern Germany or Austria is stunning. You'll carve around mountains, past castles, through tunnels and pop out in Slovenia before dropping to the coast in Croatia. If you are coming via the capital, the tollway from Zagreb to Rijeka is also new and fast.

Travel times:
Zagreb > Krk (2hrs)
Stuttgart > Krk (8hrs)
Budapest > Krk (5hrs)

Coming by car you'll be heading to Rijeka and following the signs to Krk. Once you are over the bridge onto the island keep a sharp look out for signs to Šilo which is about 30 minutes along some winding narrow roads. Take your time, the bends were designed for slower transport!

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